Thursday, December 31, 2015


Bill Cosby is, naturally, extremely disappointed by the lack of a sense of humor, in so many of his female acquaintances.  What was intended as a bit of harmless fun has been misinterpreted, by so many of them, as something sinister and evil.  Proof that it was harmless can be seen by looking at photographs of him, before all those girls started their bitching, where he looked completely unscathed, both physically and mentally, by the encounters. 

Cosby's purity of heart and purpose has been amply demonstrated by his exhortations to his fellow African-Americans to change their ways and become law abiding citizens.


  1. What Cosby is experiencing is a form of self-hatred, whereby you try to build yourself up by tearing others down. He has yet to learn the simple lesson that to belittle is to be little.

  2. There does appear to be something weird in Cosby's actions, and your analysis may be quite correct.