Saturday, January 17, 2015


If Romney runs for President,  neither his opponents,nor the public should be badgering him about his tax returns.  The Fifth Amendment provides ample protection in the matter 


  1. Romney's faux candidacy is just providing air bubbles for the pundits. The analysis on his San Diego speech last night was polite but harsh. The "Meet The Press" moderator, Chuck Todd, has hardly been impressive (an understatement, but his assessment this morning on "Up With Steve Kornacki" was not bad. It seems to point to the prediction that Romney will not run ... the tepid reception to the possibility was a "shocker" to him. Ultimately, he stated that, if he doesn't run, he and Ann will fully support (?) the Republican nominee. In other words, he won't have to plead the 5th!!!

  2. But it's still humiliating to Romney's character regardless ... assuming he has any character.