Thursday, January 15, 2015


This evening I heard right wing pundits, including Bill O'Reilly excoriate Obama because he will not use the phrase "Islamic terrorists".  Near as I can tell, they assure us that if he would only use that phrase everything would be different.  All Islam would shake in their boots; ISIS would immediately drop their weapons and leave the battlefield white with fear; Al Quaeda would abandon their posts while the Taliban would instantly dissolve.  Faced with such reasonableness, one can only wonder why Obama would not says these words instead of sending drones.  Is it  any wonder hat they dislike him so?  

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  1. It's hypocritical of conservative political pundits, such as Bill O'Reilly to use derisive calumny against Obama concerning his handling of terrorist threats abroad, while concurrently using a prevaricative approach towards the reporting of recent domestic terrorist attacks against the NAACP office in a bombing attempt which partly failed, and the shooting of their bus during a recent protest rally. FOX News evaded questions concerning both incidents.