Saturday, January 3, 2015


A police office, with a previous bad record, kills an unarmed black teenager.  The District Attorney allows an known perjurer to to testify to the Grand Jury to exonerate the officer of any wrong doing.  Black riot.

A 12 year old boy, with a toy gun, is executed within less than 2 seconds of the arrival of a police officer.  The police officer has a problematic record.  Blacks demonstrate.

A black man is killed with an illegal choke hold, by a police officer
who has a record of abuse.  Blacks demonstrate when Grand Jury does not indict.

White civic leaders try to placate angry black demonstrators.  Black man with mental problems kills 2 police officers in ambush.  Police union blames white civic leaders of inciting bad behavior in blacks.

It should be obvious to all of us that the solution to resolving the matter of bad cops killing unarmed civilians is to punish civic leaders trying to maintain order.


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