Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The Koch family has announced that, they, alone, will contribute the better part of $1 billion to the next General Election.

If, by so doing, they are successful, and their candidates gain control of the U.S. Government, the Koch family may be able to use their influence  to use the U.S. Government's resources to help increase and perpetuate their own power over the government.

It has happened before.  A single family has gained complete power over an empire.  Indeed, the German word for Emperor, Kaiser, is a phontic spelling of Caesar, one such family.  I think it might be a little unseemly for the Koch family to use the title Emperor, but perhaps they could use the English translation of Koch, and take the title "Head Cook"


  1. Too many Kochs will spoil the broth and leave a bad taste in our mouths, those lazy sloths. I believe it's time to cut the fat, so what whine goes with plutocrat? And what's a reasonable tip on a billion dollar tab?

  2. On a $1 billion, you get just not the tip, but the whole shaft.