Sunday, December 14, 2014


Even as schools, in Saudi Arabia, were beginning to re-open, in late August and into September of 2001,planeloads of women and children of the bin Laden clan were leaving for safe havens in Pakistan and the United States.  Word had come down that school or no school, things could become unsafe for them, elsewhere, in a short while.  

It turned out that one of the safe havens, for the bin Laden family, was the very country that would suffer the attack.  To the "Arab Street", who knew that family, and extended family or tribe, was the sole source of security and sustenance, in the Middle East, it was inconceivable that Osama bin Laden would have attacked the U.S. unless the fix was in at the very highest levels of the U.S. Government.  The "Arab Street" knew that something was up even if they did not know the details.

They were even more convinced as more and more strange  coincidences, which allowed Osama bin Laden to escape capture, arose. 

As the plan unrolled, and Al Qaeda operatives were being caught and, it turned out, talked rather freely to professional interrogators. which set off alarm bells within certain circles of the Administration.  Orders came down and the the interrogations were removed from the professionals and turned over to outside contractors, who, although they had no experience, for the fee of $81 million, took over.  Torture was added to the interrogation to test whether leaks, as to arrangements that had been made, had occurred. In order to discredit their own interrogations, in case some embarrassing information came to light under torture, they chose a torture program that was used to elicit false confessions.  If a torture victim revealed knowledge of a conspiracy between the Administration and bin Laden, the torture program itself could be blamed.      

We may never know if any of these Al Qaeda operatives had any knowledge of the 9/11 conspiracy, but, even if they did and blurted it out, under torture, it would have been discounted.

Herb Wolfson


  1. None of these suppositions surprise me. And, if you're implying diversionary "techniques," the attached interview is evidence of their continuance ... with not a shred of moral/decency code ... worst yet, housed in one of the nation's elite law schools.

    ... with a sober, unemotional face.

  2. To me, the murder, by elements within the Government, of almost 3000 civilians, on 9/11, is even more important than the torture, used to cover it up. While you refer to them as "suppositions", I call them "unexplained facts" which require the suspension of disbelief to the point of mental contortion to reconcile.

    1. "... unless the fix was in at the very highest levels of the U.S. Government." I only heard this conspiratorial take once before, from an Argentine, shortly after 9/11. To what end? Excuse for Iraq? Saudis and Hussein ... both Sunnis. " ... murder, by elements within the Government ... is even more important ..." ABSOLUTELY ... to the core. How would Carlyle Group benefit? Need references.

  3. Susanna, Google "neocon need for a new Pearl Harbor" In 2000 neocons expressed their wishes for a Pearl Harbor type event and, By George" they got it the first yer of the Bush Presidency.