Thursday, December 18, 2014


I have my doubts that the Constitution allows for a President that looks as happy as does Obama appear lately.  Is it my imagination that his gray hair is turning black?

It would seem that Obama Unchained, free of responsibility for the Democrats, who threw him under the bus in the last election, no longer giving a rat's ass for the Republicans, who will never cooperate with him, anyway, is actually enjoying the last two years of his Presidency.  It may turn out that rather than the "Lame Duck" period, it will become the "Screaming Eagle" period, with Republicans doing most of the screaming.


  1. You may be right on this one. I'm curious if any of the Democrats who shied away from Obama during the elections will now seek his support. And I don't see Obama giving Republicans free rein either. I believe the situation with Cuba supports that opinion.

  2. Free at last! Free at last! Yep, his press conference was a joy to watch. Nothing to lose. Hillary's jumping on his bandwagon ... she "suggested" normalization with Cuba. ;-) Rand Paul is trimming his sails! And, I bet you with the threat of "no funding" for an embassy on the island, the Cubans are probably going to provide free lodging. After all, have we been paying for Guantanamo Bay? Ah, all those cigars everyone is dreaming of!! All this fun must surely be unconstitutional.