Sunday, December 21, 2014


The number of employees covered by their company health insurance plans appears to be remaining steady, despite the dire prediction that employers were going to drop their plans.  This very well may turn out to be a name changer as Republicans scramble to get the name, of a Kenyan born  black Socialist, off of Obamacare.


  1. Whether you believe the first to coin the term was health care lobbyist, Jeanne Schulte Scott, or Andy Martin before the primaries in 2007, Mitt Romney was the first politician to use the term. Democrats have alternately embraced or avoided the term depending on the political environment at the time, including Obama himself. No matter members of one party's position at any particular time, the opposing party will always assume the opposite position ... so the term will survive regardless. Just sayin'.

  2. Repubicans definitely did not coin :Obamacare: as a term of endearment. Earlier in the year I sent a letter to the editor of the Miami Herald, which they printed, wherein I told them that the Repugs would rue the day that they did. In downtown Miami and Little Havana, staunch Republican bastions, there is a Clinic that caters to Latinos, whose passenger vehicles are proudly emblazoned by OBAMACARE.,

  3. I was in Little Havana this morning. There are banners and signs for "OBAMACARE" posted all over the place. Lotsa luck to the Repus winning the heargts and minds of the Cuban Americans by fepealing the ACA,