Tuesday, December 16, 2014


It was only a short while ago that Conservatives, looking at pictures of the shirtless Putin, on horseback, were praising him as the model of a very modern President, while lamenting how wimpy Obama was, in comparison.  It was expected, by the Conservatives, that Putin, in his rivalry with Obama, would stomp all over  his more soft spoken rival.  Turns out that Putin has a hard bod with a very limp Ruble. 


  1. LOL! Good one, "Andy!" And 17% interest will not be his Viagra!

  2. Falling global gas prices are plunging many countries into economic insolvency; Russia, Iran and Venezuela are among that group.

  3. Both Russia and Iran have embargoes to contend with as well. That can only exacerbate the situation as well. In both of these cases belligerent actions of their respective governments have lead to over dependence on a single export In the case of oil Venezuela, it's and old story of an oligarchy that has sent the funds generate from abroad rather than invest in Venezuela. There is nothing that Brazil has that Venezuela doesn't except the will.