Thursday, May 11, 2017


I am an Independent who thought that Comey acted improperly with respect to Hillary Clinton, and deserved to be reprimanded, but I am adamantly and unabashedly against the actions of Donald Trump in firing him.  As the old adage goes "This be the greatest Treason, To do the right Deed for the Wrong Reason"

Anyone, who would try to tell me that he fired Comey because he treated "crooked Hillary" badly, is a man of low degree who does not deserve to be President of this nation.


  1. Strongly concur with the conclusion posted. While we may disagree ... strongly disagree ... with policies of a presidential candidate, it was the the foreseeing of the unstable and unscrupulous character of the present W.H. occupant that was intolerable. The president is fundamentally flawed, with his worst influence being that of making the lie the coin of the realm and delusional behavior as normal. The unfortunate folly of this election was the con illusion that was promoted as a crass, ignorant person being strong rather than a cowardly, whimpering bully. It's time for the majority party to allow the emergence of "profiles in courage" to come forward and take the necessary steps to rectify, for the sake of the country, this disgraceful situation and restore trust on the rule of law, integrity, and decency. After all, the successor would be a dogmatic conservative. Anything less is to collude with the shameful behavior before the nation and world contributing to the growing disrespect and cynicism ... surely a downward spiral.