Saturday, May 27, 2017


With "bombshell"  leaks coming out of the oval office, about the Trump-Russia scandal, so frequently, it is difficult not to conclude that there is a mole in the White House, at this writing.

Without knowing who that might be, it is hard to know whether any particular actor is a villain or a hero.  Personally, I am going to reserve judgment until the last chapter. 


  1. The sidelines are just fine ... especially if you have a good seat. Don't we all?!

  2. In my own mind, I have narrowed down the origin of the WAPO leak to someone in the room when Jared requested that clandestine back channel. As far as I know the participants were Flynn, Kushner and Kislyak. Owing to certain other factoids, I have picked Kislyak, and I ascribe the leak to a shot across Trump's bow by Putin.

  3. Personally, I feel a maelstrom of impeachments is in order, sucking every swamp creature into the abyss. Too polite?! Unfortunately, how will the necessary votes be obtained?