Monday, May 8, 2017


Since it is inconceivable that Trump could ever be wrong, about anything, let us confirm that the Flynn problems by comparing the actions of both Obama and Trump:

Under the Obama Administration

  • Flynn given security clearance by appropriate agency as White House does not grant security clearances.
  • Flynn fired by White House, in 2014.
  • Flynn's security clearance  automatically revoked on firing.
  • Flynn, somehow, manages to renew his security clearance from an authorizing agency.  Whether White House knew about it has not been established.
  • Trump specifically warned, by Obama,  about Flynn.
Under the Trump Administration:

  • Despite having been warned by Obama, Flynn is hired by the Trump Administration  for the position of National Security Advisor.
  • The Acting Attorney General, under the Trump Administration, Sally Yates, advises Trump of surreptitious contacts with the Russian Ambassador, by Flynn.  President Trump waits almost three (3) weeks before any action taken, by the Trump Administration in the matter thus allowing Flynn to attend meetings and receive sensitive briefings, etc. for that interim.
Since it should be well known that the buck does not stop at President Trump's desk unless it's green, it is obvious that the Trump Administration has no responsibility for actions taken by Flynn but the Obama Administration does.

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