Thursday, September 29, 2016


My head acknowledges that Obama was right to veto the Saudi 9/11 bill; it will only further complicate a Middle East that is already convoluted enough.  But, I must confess that, in a way, I am pleased that the Saudis, and hopefully, any others out there, learn that they cannot rely on the temporary power of  any American administration  to protect them forever, from the repercussions of perpetrating an action on U.S. soil even if at the behest of that administration. 


  1. Agreed.Once again the feelings need to be expressed.The cerebral Obama had it right.This gives the senate a feel good gift to the public.It does point to the danger of Trumpism (feeling good after jumping off the roof...while the feeling lasts...)

  2. ... and Trump's lemmings follow him to the cliff's edge. Maybe that would make America better ... hmmm?