Sunday, September 4, 2016


While I find nothing wrong with a person wanting to, voluntarily, show respect to a symbol, it should always be borne in mind that it is beyond our power to endow any material thing with religious or symbolic significance.  In the end, a flag, or an anthem, are cloth and and poetry, both made by man and cannot be sanctified.  To make them into anything more is analogous to making a graven image prohibited by a Commandment.  


  1. Agree with the admonition. Furthermore, many unpatriotic and unAmerican acts have been committed in the name of the man-made symbols ... and excused. Not only is Mr. Kaepernick demonstrating in a peaceful fashion within a medium where he feels he can bring greater attention, but he has pledged actual monetary funds towards the goals of better understanding and constructive methods. No personal gain there, with plenty of costly financial risk in exchange. Ah, those self-righteous sinners and their morality patrols.

  2. Nationalism is a recurring theme in today's GOP ... much as it was under Hitler and Mussolini. There comes a point where nationalistic interests step on personal rights and freedoms ... today's GOP seems to find that acceptable.

    Take note that many of those who are quickest to condemn peaceful protest, are also the quickest to bring violence upon those they consider in opposition. Meanwhile, they do nothing whatsoever to improve the plight of those suffering prejudice and discrimination. Could it be that bringing about change could cause them to lose some of their own unwarranted privilege?

    1. "Could it be that bringing about change could cause them to lose some of their own unwarranted privilege?"

      You think?!?! Not one inch. El perro de Ortelano (Insider reference).