Monday, September 5, 2016


Perhaps, one of the most blatant examples of the lop sided treatment of candidates, by the Press, is that being afforded to Hillary Clinton, in the matter of emails while she was a government official.  Clinton made an arrangement with her office to send her emails, that were not marked classified, to her server at home, probably so she could read them there when she got back from trips.  There were not supposed to be any classified material sent to that server.  Subsequently, some 180 of those emails, out of 30,000 were reclassified but we have not been told how many were reclassified while Clinton still was in office.  Additionally, 3 of those 30,000 bore the mark "c" on them.  According to the manual of the State Department, there is no mention of any meaning for the letter "c"; classified material must be clearly marked as such. Perhaps the people in the responsible department used the letter "c" to indicate that further research was needed before classifying the document.  In any event, that department was satisfied and released the document for relaying Ms. Clinton.  There is no evidence that her server was hacked, however, Hillary has been excoriated for  "carelessness" and endangering the security of the nation and  the matter may yet sink her campaign.

In stark contrast, in 2003, officials of the Bush Administration actually outed a covert CIA agent, an indubitably caused harm to other CIA agents, and the security of the U.S.  These officials were, subsequently, rewarded with reelection to public office.  


  1. The plutocracy makes the rules ... not the general public. Their game, their rules.

    I find it interesting how many TV series and how many movies produced these days reveal just how corrupt and hidden many of the actions of those in control are. The Bourne Identity (movie), Madame Secretary, and Quantico (TV) are some examples of such. We're not necessarily talking all about our highest elected officials as much as we are about appointed ones, or elected ones who move into positions of power due to monetary corruption of our government. It's fascinating how closely some of their plots follow in line with actual world events. Coincidence? Maybe.

  2. Before I'm excoriated for mentioning possible conspiracy theories about government in general, shouldn't outrage be directed at the GOP for their continuous barrage of baseless conspiracy assaults against Hillary, while totally ignoring the flaws and failings of Trump, whom they all tried to drag down when their own candidates were thought to have a chance? Trump hasn't changed, only the GOP's willingness to support his putridness.