Wednesday, February 10, 2016


At a recent rally, Donald Trump apparently touched a very  raw nerve, in Germany, when he exhorted his security personnel to beat a protester, and he would defray legal expenses.

Hitler, and the Nazis, rose to power aided, by Ernst Rohm's SA "Storm Troopers" who were tasked with causing physical harm to demonstrators at Nazi rallies.

The appearance, in Germany, of a parade float, with a bust of Trump, and a banner reading, "Make Fascism great again", was more than just a clever meme.  The incident at the Trump rally has evoked some very unpleasant memories. 


  1. The platform of the entire cast of GOP candidates is Fascist in nature. So anyone voting Republican is voting for Fascism on the federal level.

  2. Read the following regarding Trump and nativism:

  3. Read the following regarding Trump and nativism:

  4. I found your link interesting, Joshua. It mentions that Fascism should be thought of more in this term:

    "Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power."

    I can agree with that premise, and offer the fact that our conservative, federalist, SCOTUS has granted far-reaching rights of personhood to corporations in numerous of its decisions in recent decades. They have also restricted actual individuals rights in many areas, especially where corporations are involved. I offer this link to show why corporate personhood matters:

    But, I also realize that the current Republican party has made a drastic shift towards Fascism. I offer these two links pertaining to the 14 Main Points of Fascism, for you to peruse. You will notice very similar interpretations among them, and I believe if you compare Republican positions, policies, and rhetoric to the points on these lists, you will see validity in the claim that the GOP is tending towards Fascism. Here are the two links: &