Wednesday, February 10, 2016


One of my recent posts, namely, "Poor Judgement" has elicited claims of a pro Clinton bias, on my part.  In defense, I have no dog in that fight.  As an independent voter, for the past 52 years, I am thankful that I am unable to vote in the Democratic primaries; I would be unable to decide between Sanders and Clinton.  I wish it were possible for a co-Presidency.  A consummate policy wonk matched with one of the best motivational speakers we've had in a long time.

What does concern me, extremely so, is the General Election in November.  Bernie should know that every thing he utters is going to be used against the one who gets the nomination.  He can easily counter her allegation that he is inexperienced, in foreign affairs, by pointing out that certainly no less so than Barack Obama who has done pretty well in that regard.  Instead he has provided fodder for the Republican fear and smear machine with a quote questioning her judgement.  No Republican will touch Hillary's comment that Bernie has been soft on gun manufacturers, for fear of losing their constituents,  They will be playing Bernie's quote on a loop.


  1. And Republicans are likewise criticizing each other in every debate. Regardless of who makes it to the general elections for either party, it will be a showdown. Don't touch that dial ....

  2. "What does concern me, extremely so, is the General Election in November."

    This is certainly an understatement, Herb. David Brooks may appeal to the "better angels" with his positive reminder ... "People are motivated to make wise choices more by hope and opportunity than by fear, cynicism, hatred and despair." ... most probably thinking Reagan V. Carter, i.e. "Morning in America" v. "malaise" ... that train has left the station when the two motivational candidates, each from the opposite side of the political spectrum, are exploiting the fear, cynicism, hatred and despair felt by the electorate ... especially by the young people. From Trump, nothing surprises me ... but, from Bernie, it's seriously disappointing.

    "Bernie should know that every thing he utters is going to be used against the one who gets the nomination."

    Precisely ... with all the examples you have provided. While his campaign organization is not advising him well, he himself is displaying poor judgement in his "spontaneity." He could use a little more aplomb and maturity in his "rage" ... perhaps borrowed from the person he is trying to succeed. He is being baited by the opposition ... and I don't mean Hillary, but rather the Republican Party who must be salivating over their good fortune as they too implode! I'm very disappointed with this development in the Democratic Party, and if it looses the White House to the Republicans, I will blame Bernie for it ... whether he is the nominee or not. It's intoxicating to run for president, but Bernie should know that young people have not lived long enough to experience the consequences of coattails and the importance of the Supreme Court on to lesser courts. Yes ... I'm extremely concerned.

    Anna-Louise, as far as the use of the military industrial complex ... I have shared my feelings extensively on the shameful use as props ... parades and photo ops ... of our military in general and our vets in particular. Little value placed on actual lives deeply affected while every state in the union has industries that make their fortunes on warmongering with no politician daring to take them on. Another exploitation. War making is our permanent modus operandi.