Saturday, February 27, 2016


With Russia suspending it's bombing, in Syria, and  improved prospects for a cease fire between warring factions, it is almost a given that another of Obama's little gems of foreign policy decisions will go unnoticed by  his compatriots.

When Russia entered the Syrian civil war, Obama was handed the choice of acting as his predecessor, confronting them with taunts of "bring it on"  and macho displays, and dealing with rationally and  in a cool manner.  Obama, of course,  figured that Russia was, unwittingly acting against their own interests and in ours.  By operating so close to the borders of Saudi Arabia, in favor of Iranian interests, the Saudi's opened the oil spigots of their nation, lowering global oil prices, further straining a Russian economy already struggling under a foreign war.  

Russia now has an urgent reason to pressure Assad to come to a deal.  Russian interests are aligning with our own and hopes, for a resolution to the Syrian  conflict, are rising in the area.

Of course, few photo ops are generated by behind the scenes diplomatic moves, and can hardly match an aircraft carrier with a "Mission Accomplished" banner for good P.R.  About all that Obama can say is that he's continuing to earn that Nobel Peace Prize that he won. 

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  1. In some senses, Obama is more deserving of the prize now, than when it was awarded.