Wednesday, April 5, 2017


The question of the day, stemming from the North Korean missile test and Assad's use of chemical weapons, is what the Trump Administration will do about it.  Trump has used some very tough words about what happened in Syria and his Secretary of State has indicated that the U.S. has said enough on the subject, to North Korea, intimating that henceforward the U.S. will act, not talk.

Only time will tell what will happen; I believe, at the moment, that all this will turn out to be more bullshit that the Trump people will  hope you will forget they ever said. 

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  1. Donald could not resist pulling the trigger on $30 million dollars worth of armament and blasted the airport from whence the gas attack originated. The Republicans denied Obama the right when the Syrians gassed over a thousand people near Damascus, so Obama arranged, with Putin, to get rid of over 1000 tons of the chemical weapons the Syrians were holding.