Wednesday, April 5, 2017


A good friend, who happens to be a card-carrying Republican, recently commented about Susan Rice.  Here is my reply:

"Susan Rice, as National Security Adviser, not only had a right but a duty to request a court to unmask the identity of the "American Subject" in those reports.  She had the obligation not to release the name of the person.  Isn't it strange to Repugs that not a word leaked out that it was Flynn, the one who was unmasked, until a RepublicanAdministration got its hands on the classified information?  Flynn was even confirmed in the job until the Acting head of the DOJ, under Trump, exposed him and forced Flynn's resignation, on the grounds that he could be blackmailed by the Russians.  But now it's Susan Rice's fault?  Sorry but Repugs are sick puppies." 

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