Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The latest outrageous act, of President Obama, for the, so-called, Conservatives, is that of removing the name of President McKinley, a fine American name, from a mountain in Alaska, and replacing it with a foreign name.  


  1. I'm an Ohioan by birth, but even I realize that McKinley had never even been to Alaska. Besides, native Alaskans called it Denali long before McKinley took office and the BGN had and has every right to name it as it chooses ... sorry Republicans, but is this the most important national issue on your collective minds? No wonder our country has problems.

  2. As a follow up comment, I'd like to bring up the renaming of Cape Kennedy back to the original name, Cape Canaveral, as an analogy to Denali/McKinley. Kennedy Space Center still exists, but the entire cape and the town reverted back to its original name, Canaveral, just as McKinley reverted back to its original name, Denali. Both cases adhered to residents' wishes.

    I'd also like to mention that I'm a long-time Florida resident, just as I was a long-time Ohio resident (mentioned in the previous comment). So, I was equally affected in both cases.
    The way I see it, the primary difference between the two cases is that McKinley was a Republican, whereas Kennedy was a Democrat. Why wasn't there an outrage by the Republican party when Canaveral was renamed? I think we both know that answer. Did I mention that Florida is a Red State?

  3. Greg, pretty soon you'll be advocating that Ronald Reagan National Airport revert back to Washington National Airport!! Just to think ... the national airport renamed after the man who broke the backs of the air traffic controllers. And, who signed on to that one? A Democrat.


  4. But let's get serious now. Is renaming of landmarks really the important issue on Americans' minds, or just another Republican attempt to divert attention from the real issues? We are headed for another government shutdown (because of Repugs attempt to defund Planned Parenthood and a 50% increase in Social Security Medicare Part B payments, yet Repugs are yet to take any meaningful action to prevent either from happening.

    Obama allowed Mt. McKinley to be renamed Denali ... OMG! America will be destroyed! ... oh, it won't? ... nothing will happen? ... never mind.