Wednesday, September 9, 2015


In my opinion, the most dangerous people, in the world, are those with a smidgen of military training who have never experienced combat, but think the can extrapolate from their limited experience.  Dick Cheney, whose closest experience with combat involved 5 draft deferments, thought those years behind a desk at the Defense Department qualified him to make judgments about getting into war.  Now we have a Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, who believes that being sent to a private military school for unruly rich kids qualifies him as a military expert.  What could go wrong? 


  1. Especially in the Vietnam War (where the draft was used), it was obviously apparent that the percentage of non-white ground troops (Black, Latino, Asian, Polynesian, etc.) compared to the percentage in our population as a whole was significantly larger. The hawks in Congress seemed to have a much lower percentage of family members involved in actual ground combat. That wasn't by coincidence. Bush and Cheney are excellent examples of Hawks never seeing combat. Ironic that Bush chose to wear military flight gear when proclaiming mission accomplished ... something he never did accomplish.

  2. Especially when wearing them Navy designated aviator wings. Big bone of contention here. You gotta earn those, baby!!! Mediocre pilot that he was. Try making a nighttime aircraft landing on an invisible postage stamp!