Monday, June 22, 2015


There are indications that the N.R.A. may change its position that, had the black clergyman in the Charleston church  been armed, the massacre would not have occurred.  It is being pointed out, to the N.R.A,, that police, on arriving at a crime scene where a black man is standing, with a gun, over the body of a white man, the former is not liable to survive the encounter.  Chances are high that any black with a weapon in hand, even a toy gun, will be dead on arrival of the police.

The new position of the N.R.A. may be that all black churches should immeditely  integrate with those, which have armed white pastors, to avoid massacres, 

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  1. The weapons manufacturers and the NRA are heavily co-dependent. So, to them, a race war is a justifiably profitable means to maintain white supremacy, based solely on existing numbers. International terrorists will simply have to wait their turn to play.