Wednesday, June 24, 2015


All majorities are composed of individuals that are also in minorities.  The, so-called, White Majority, that currently is said to exist in the U.S. is made up of  people who are, at the same time, a member of a minority.  All whites are hyphenated Americans whose group is separated by ehtnic origin.  Additionally, each is a member of a political minority whether Democrat,Republican, Independent, etc.  Religion also divides all people; in short, we are a nation of minorities who get together, from time to time, to form a majority.  Therefore, bear in mind that, when a majority restricts the rights of any minority, you're next.  


  1. The myth is now being promulgated that the founding fathers planned on freeing the slaves! We are now considering dumping Hamilton on the $10 bill for a black woman (The federalist and the first secretary of the treasury!)(Leaving Jackson on the twenty ) Tell me that ours is not a world of symbolic interaction!

  2. I agree with your assessment, Herb. We are all simultaneously part of both minorities and majorities in different cases and concerns. The interactions mentioned by daedal2207, symbolic or not, are simply reflections of which particular majority is in influence at the particular time and circumstance.

  3. One of the beauties of the U.S. Constituition is that it gives the miknority equal weight in resisting a majority when it comes to basic rights. When the majority finds ways to circumvent the Constitution, we are ALL at risk of losing our rights.