Tuesday, April 28, 2015


To truly understand the Koch Brothers, one should  know about the parable of Benny the Buggy Whip Baron.  Benny cornered the market in Buggy Whips, and had the equivalent of  in today's dollars, of $1 Trillion in stock and production facilities, just as the age of the automobile dawned.  Faced with  bleak prospects, Benny sought the advice of a noted seer.  Benny was told that it would take, at a minimum, an act of Congress to provide relief, but while the purchase of Congress was very feasible, the  trillion dollar "bail-out" would not be invented until 2008.  In effect, poor  Benny was told that he was born 100 years too soon.

The Koch Bros. faced with similar circumstances, know that not only are trillion dollar bail-outs with precedent, financing of same using virtual, not real dollars, has also been invented.  The Koch Bros. are investing heavily in getting that Act of Congress , needed for that trillion dollar bail-out, to get them out of a business faced with possible obsolescence,    What buggy whip barons found impossible, are feasible for fossile fuel magnates.


  1. I realize that the Democrats in this group will probably vote for Hillary in 2016. I also realize that Hillary is very much aligned with those same bankers and Wall Street tycoons who received the last bailout. I will vote for Elizabeth Warren if she declares, and Bernie Sanders if she doesn't. If Hillary wins the nomination (most probable outcome), I will vote for her only because I loathe all of the Republican candidates more. ... just being honest.

  2. I hope I have not overestimated the grassroots support for Bernie Sanders, but it will not be the first time I am disappointed. I, too, will be greatly disappointed if I must choose between Hilary and a republican.