Saturday, April 18, 2015


If the next Presidential election cycle runs true to form, millions of dollars will be spent, by Republicans, to convince voters not to vote for Hilary Clinton because, if elected, she will be the oldest female President to leave the office.  Democrats will, likely, spend an equal amount to convince the voters that it is not so and she will actually be the youngest.

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  1. And both would be right. If Hillary is elected, she would be the first female U.S. president, thus making her both the oldest and youngest female to hold that office.
    But more important is the money, which you mentioned, that is being spent in the election process, both for and against the candidates. This is where the "corporate personhood" point I made in your last post comes into play. Thanks to conservative judges (members of the Federalist Society), numerous decisions involving "corporate personhood" and money in politics have been decided in favor of corporations, thus granting them "human rights protections" and allowing money into politics. The Citizens United v. FEC case is a perfect example.