Tuesday, March 10, 2015


In his response to the 47 Senators who signed the letter  warning Iran about negotiating with the Obama Administration, Foreign Minister Zarif, basically, rejected it on Constitutional grounds.  That it was rejected basis the U.S. Constitution rather than the Irani Constitution, might have been a crowning insult to any but the most obtuse Government official, which meant, in this case, since no offense was taken, none was given. 


  1. Our conservative SCOTUS decisions have been based on a reinterpretation of our constitution to fit their conservative values, not on the intent of our constitution as written. I'd always been told that judges are supposed to be impartial ... that is clearly no longer the case; they are very partisan. So whatever basis Zarif rejected it on could change in time.

  2. Touché by Foreign Minister Zarif. The embarrassment here was that Senator Cotton and his ilk thought they were addressing an ignorant society only to be exposed as less educated/experienced than Mr. Zarif. Go and read "The Federalist Papers," Mr. Cotton and in the process learn who the Founding Fathers were.