Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Republicans, intrepid as always, in their willingness to rush into places where angels fear to tread, may have insured that Iran becomes one of the world's nuclear powers by interfering in the negotiations.  If the Republicans succeed in scuttling the negotiations, in the court of the world's opinion, they will own the the reason for the failure to reach detente.  The U.S. has had no diplomatic ties and few commercial ties to effectively levy sanctions on Iran, and it is the Europeans who have been putting the screws, so effectively, to the Iranian economy. If and when  negotiations are broken off, public opinion in those European countries may force lifting the sanctions thus handing a bloodless victory,  just as they were handed a victory over Saddam Hussein, without losing a drop of their blood, by George W. Bush. 
There must be something in the stuff Republicans drink that makes them so clumsy when it comes to diplomacy.  


  1. Don't be too hard on them ... they were the best that money could buy at the time. Since Republicans are so big on Common Core Standards testing, maybe they should be required to pass certain standards (start with Civil Service exam) in order to serve.

  2. One must understand the nuanced approach by the Grand Opposition Party ... the wanting to give up world leadership by appearing to defend it. A new bull-in-the-shop policy ... we break it, but our working partners will own it. Mission accomplished! ... after all, their slogan!

  3. I notice that Obama is beginning to make the sam, epoint about keeping an alliance together, on a repeated basis. I think those possible consequenes are giving the Repugs pause..