Wednesday, July 19, 2017


While we all know of arrogant doctors who despite their learning, which should have taught them how little they know when compared to what they do not know, act as if they are infallible.  

We sometimes forget that at the other end of the spectrum, there are others, who know even less, who wear their ignorance as a badge of honor.  These modern day "Know nothings"  will blithely deny climate change or evolution or steadfastly subscribe to the flat earth theory.  Regretfully, the "Know Nothings" are more likely to vote as a bloc and may be more of a danger to society than arrogant physicians.


  1. This is a cultural conflict in which conventional logic is being challenged but not discussed or acknowledged ... even in this forum. Few, if any (snarky) remarks and ...? What we're dealing with right now does not appear to have any ideological posture. It's purely team sport. Who cares how lousy the Philadelphia Eagles might be ... the town roots for the home team. Even if the players violate decency/fair game rules ... hey, whatever. It's the home team. Trump is not a Republican. Dogmatic Republicans know this. For his followers, he's not Hillary. Therefore, he's not a Democrat. Whew! OK. Trump is trumpism ... destructive, disassembling, ignorant, vindictive ... and, then what? This is misinterpreted as representing strength. It does not. One of Trump's fears must be the exposure of his cowardice. This is a culture of faux ... faux patriotism, faux morality, faux responsibility, faux facts ... faux, faux, faux. We're being sucked in the whirlpool of shallowness. Eventually, we all know what reality is ... and the can being kicked down the road will fall down the abyss. Until enough pain and suffering is experienced by his followers (unfortunately, engulfing the rest of us), we might as well sit back and watch the likes of Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers ... and, try to laugh.

  2. I know I was shocked that ignorance seems to be in vogue - albeit more in some areas of this country than others. It is a badge of honor, and yes, they do vote in-step with each other. They PROUDLY proclaim they "don't know nothing" about science, etc. so I presume they are going by FAITH that there is no climate change, that facts are just opinions, and that Trump will provide them with better health care and jobs.